Dell SupportAssist

Dell SupportAssist $ What is Dell SupportAssist?

Dell SupportAssist is an automated technical support solution for Dell PCs, and Tablets. Dell SupportAssist scans your PCs and laptops and checks if there are updates available for drivers and software. It allows you to diagnose the health of your servers, performance, network and storage to eliminate downtime before it even starts. It comes pre-installed with your Dell machines powered by Windows 10, or you can visit Dell official website for Dell SupportAssist Download Windows 10.

Dell SupportAssist detects and removes issues that are deteriorating for your Windows PC without getting users involved in the process and when users start their PCs, they find the issues resolved automatically. The best thing is that you can download the software for free.

What is SupportAssist?

Dell SupportAssist is an automated support solution for Dell personal computers, tablets, storage devices, servers, and networking devices. In fact it’s the first automated solution that offers proactive and predictive support for a device. It helps prevent downtime before it has even begun by evaluating and monitoring device health along with the health of the servers and storage devices. It’s a truly proactive and preempting support solution that predicts the solution required by a device and offers resolution for problems that have not even surfaced.

What does Dell SupportAssist do?

Dell Support Assist is the best available source of technical help for Dell users. It’s like having your own expert technician inside your Windows-powered Dell PCs to help you cope with issues whenever you need it. By having the technology in your device, you can evaluate the well being of your PC’s hardware and software, diagnose performance, get alerts on update recommendations, call for technical assistance, get latest driver and software upgrades delivered on-time, provide automated fixes for common configuration issues and find warranty details.

It also helps create a detailed report of issues for Dell experts to help them understand the intensity of the situation and come up with a resolution as quickly as possible before the problem becomes too large.

If your Dell machine is in the warranty period, then Dell SupportAssist executives will help you resolve the issues without adding extra charges for the repair work. To experience true potential of Dell Support Assistant, unlock additional features by upgrading to paid version of Dell Support Assist.

How to Download and install Dell SupportAssist Tool on Windows PC?

  • Open browser and visit Dell SupportAssist Official page
  • Read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ carefully, check the box and click “Continue”. This will start downloading this tool.
  • Now, double-click on ‘Setup file’ or ‘Installer file’ and follow on-screen instructions to install.
  • After that, open the Dell SupportAssist tool, and this tool will automatically start the product detection process.

How to Dell Driver Update using Dell SupportAssist?

  • Open the Dell SupportAssist tool in your Windows device
  • This will automatically start identifying the Dell Computer or click on “Detect PC” to identify the Dell Product with ‘Dell SupportAssist’
  • After that, click on “Detect Drivers” option. SupportAssist will analyze the computer to find the latest updates
  • Once scan is complete, click on “Download and Install” button and follow on-screen instructions to complete the drivers and utilities installation.
  • Once done, reboot your computer to see the changes.

How to access Dell SupportAssist?

  • Visit Dell SupportAssist
  • Scroll down to the Get Started.
  • In Managing Personal Devices, click Download SupportAssist. for PCs and Tablets.
  • A pop-up is displayed.
  • Click Run.
  • SupportAssist is installed.
  • Press the Windows logo key and open the SupportAssist application.
  • The SupportAssist window is displayed.
  • Read the Dell System Information Sharing data. Select I allow Dell to collect Service Tag and other system usage data as described above, and then click OK.